Art Week in Review - October 11, 2015

Here's the Art Week in Review, a look back at the great art we've shared in the past 7 days.

The image on top is a photo of "Florencio," a Mega Munny Doll with floral designs by Poteleche, for the Design 4 the Kids foundation in Dominican Republic.

This weeks art:

Raúl Morilla - Claustro para el Edén
Jorge Pineda - Red Ink Pen Drawings
Jose Almonte - Incoming and outgoing

Pascal Meccariello - Mega Munny, The Species Collector
Poteleche - Mega Munny, Florencio

Poteleche - Drawings with Everyday Objects

Verde, que te quiero fría - exhibition at Centro Leon
Enrique Cerda - 2015 Houses with Personalities

Chiqui Mendoza - Ritual Art