Meet Dominican Artist, Homero Herrera Chez

Opening reception of Homero Herrera Chez's art exhibit titled Allegories of a Hidden Landscape, on Saturday, September 7, 2013 at St. George Library Center in Staten Island. The reception will take place in the auditorium from 2 - 4 pm. Admission is free.

Google Map: 5 Central Avenue Staten Island, NY 10301

Official Press Release:
An allegory, by definition, is a story, poem or picture that can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, often with a moral or political view. It represents an abstract idea or principle using characters, figures or events in a narrative, dramatic or pictorial form.
As a recent immigrant, coming from the Dominican Republic, Homero Herrera Chez had to adapt to a different life, a new way, and found himself in an identity crisis. The pieces in Allegories of a Hidden Landscape depict how Cabeza de Chivo (Goat Head) copes and adapts with living in its new surroundings. ”I developed Cabeza de Chivo using the island of Hispaniola’s silhouette as a re-affirmation of my identity; my place of origin. The elements of flora and fauna are incorporated to represent my Caribbean roots.”

In Allegories, the use of the island plays a pivotal role in describing the feelings of restriction, isolation and limitations that its geographical boundaries impose. Furthermore, the island is the vehicle to explore the relationships of its inhabitants internally and with the outside world.

Allegories of a Hidden Landscape will be on view at the St. George Public Library in Staten Island from September 7 through November 2, 2013.

Homero Herrera Chez was born in Santiago, Dominican Republic. He achieved a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and Illustration from Altos deChavón. Herrera Chez has been an art and fashion teacher for Laie School of Fashion, Centro Cultural Dominico-Americano and School of Arts and Technical Studies. Illustrated didactic children’s books and software for a USAID sponsored program at Pontificia UniversidadCatólica Madre y Maestra (PUCMM); and has been a facilitator for Centro Leon.

Herrera Chez’s has participated in numerous individual and group exhibits, as well as biennials and art contests. His work has been exhibited at Museum of Modern Art in Santo Domingo, ICA Fair and Wagner College’s Spotlight Gallery. Currently Homero resides in New York City and works as a printmaker.

This event is made possible through the New York Public Library, with special thanks to Margaret Siggillino, Senior Librarian, St. George Library Center.

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Homero Herrera Chez is married to Arlette Cepeda, another great artist from the Dominican Republic. Learn more about Arlette Cepeda at