Jaira the Sea Turtle lays 115 eggs in Santo Domingo

The sands of Güibia beach in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, will soon come alive with many little flippers scurrying to reach the waters — last month, a green sea turtle nicknamed "Jaira" laid 115 eggs.

Jaira was named in honor of Jairo Mora, a Costa Rican environmentalist who was murdered on Friday, May 31, 2013 while patroling for turtle poachers on Moín Beach in Limón province, Costa Rica .
Read more about Jairo Mora's death @ The TicoTimes

Shameful conditions

Along with everything great about the Dominican Republic, we must sometimes point our attention to the bad — which in many cases can lead to actions taken in hopes of fixing the problem.

The Dominican Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources has done a great job in promoting Jaira's story. However, in hopes of portraying a better image of the country, they published a photoshoped version of the image above on their Facebook page, which can only result in both laughter and shame for all Dominicans at home and around world.

Unfortunately, Güibia beach was in very poor conditions when Jaira the sea turtle decided to find a home for her babies.

But the citizens are on the case. And if you find yourself anywhere near Güibia beach on the first Saturday of every month, you should consider joining the JNI de San Geronimo for a little clean-up.

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