Raquel Paiewonsky at the Fifth Annual Governor’s Island Art Fair

Yellow Peril Gallery has just announced that they will present the photography and installation exhibition “im propia” by Dominican born artist, Raquel Paiewonsky, at the Fifth Annual Governor’s Island Art Fair in September.

Curated by Robert P. Stack, “im propia” speaks of humanity and freedom, through a corporeal symbolism that embodies our experience in the social context but always with an important reference to our natural and instinctive self. Paiewonsky uses the body as a platform that allows her from an intimate place to approach broader topics ranging from social, philosophical or political. In this exhibition she explores personal relationships, childhood, love, stereotypes, nature, diversity...

Paiewonsky explains here work as follows:

I have always been interested in the body as a vessel capable of containing our life experiences within itself, sometimes in mysterious and subtle ways, other times more forcefully...

In recent years, my work explores the relationship between our essence and our surroundings, the impact of stereotypes and cultural constructions, always taking as a reference our instinctual selves and the ways in which the primal component of our nature is affected by the new and ever changing contexts of contemporary life.

Governors Island Art Fair is New York’s largest independent exhibition. — the fair is scheduled for every weekend in September (September 7 – 29, 2013), from 11am to 6pm.

Admission is free to all.

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