Event: Scenes in the life of the Dominican community

El Diario / La Prensa presents: Scenes in the life of the Dominican community

The New York newspaper "El Diario / La Prensa", the oldest Spanish-language newspaper in the U.S., donated a collection of 5,000 photographs to the University of Columbia, some of which will be exhibited as part of the celebrations for its centenary.

The first exhibition is now open to the public in the Russ Berrie Medical Pavilion at Columbia Medical Center — a collection of photos depicting scenes in the life of the Dominican community.

Among the images are some of the first Dominican Day Parade, sporting events, concerts and the tragedy of American Airlines Flight 587 in November of 2001, in which all occupants were killed , mostly natives of the Caribbean island on their way to their country.

El Diario / La Prensa launch four simultaneous exhibitions in different places, including King Juan Carlos I Center at New York University in Manhattan, Hostos Community College in the Bronx, CSER headquarters at Columbia University, and the Russ Berrie Medical Pavillion Columbia Medical Center.

Russ Berrie Medical Pavilion, Columbia University.
1150 St Nicholas Ave., New York, NY, 10032