Banco Popular Publishes "Art and History"

Carretas y bueyes by Guillo Pérez - 1976
Santo Domingo, D.N.-Banco Popular Dominicano, fulfilling its vocation as an entity with constant contributions to the cultural, artistic and historical heritage of the country, has published the book "Art and History in the collection of visual arts of Banco Popular Dominicano."

A work that presents a historical and artistic tour by the national arts, from the visual collection of the financial institution and which has been put together by the Dominican painter and art critic, Danilo De los Santos.

In the book, he begins his narrative from the year 1900 and ending in the final years of the 1990s, De los Santos conveys the view that visual artists had of the country and national culture in every moment of historical significance, establishing the close relationship between artistic creation and history.

A trip on the aesthetic vision of the Dominican nation, from the view of 112 authors reproduced in this publication, touches on events such as the arrival of exiled artists of the European wars of the first half of the twentieth century, who settled in the Dominican Republic. National events such as the Trujillo dictatorship, introduction to democracy and the subsequent War of April 1965.

The book also talks about the founding of art schools in the country, the momentum of the biennales and art contests, and the different artistic movements in which transited the painters, sculptors and photographers that helped define Dominican culture in this period.

The images reproduced in "Art and History" are part of the collection which has taken Banco Popular more than 50 years to build, and which now amount to some 1,000 works of local artists (and some foreign), who welcomed with respect and appreciation Dominican idiosyncrasies.

Mr. Manuel A. Grullon, chairman of the finance organization, highlights in the cover letter of this publication, "the role of patron" assumed by Banco Popular for nearly five decades and declare that this work becomes "a mission to sponsor the tangible artworks and the intangible of immaterial values ​​that these works convey about the future of our cultural, social and economic life. "

"Art and History" is a great editorial effort to help spread Dominican art nationally and internationally. This book is delivered by Banco Popular to universities, libraries, academies of fine arts, nonprofit institutions, embassies, as well as clients and related financial institutions.

Arte e Historia by Danilo De los Santos and Banco Popular is available online for free reading @


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