Lago Enriquillo is Rising

A report by Ezra Fieser on the alarming growth rate of Lago Enriquillo — which has lead the Dominican government to launch a resettlement project for people affected by the rising waters.

Lago Enriquillo swallowed Juan Malmolejos’s banana grove. It swamped Teodoro Peña’s yuccas and mango trees. In the low-lying city of Boca de Cachon, the lake so threatens to subsume the entire town that the government has sent the army to rebuild it from scratch on a dusty plain several miles away.

The report appeared in +The New York Times print edition on January 12, 2014 (page A6 of the New York edition), with the headline: Rising Tide Is a Mystery That Sinks Island Hopes.

"Lake Enriquillo is a lake in the Dominican Republic and is the largest lake and lowest point in the Caribbean and the lowest point on any ocean island."

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