Dominican Republic inaugurates modern Caribbean market: Merca Santo Domingo

SANTO DOMINGO - Operations of Merca Santo Domingo will begin on February 14th, the date from which the activities of the wholesale trade in agricultural products will be taken to the collection center, considered the most modern in the Caribbean region.

The announcement was made by the Minister of Agriculture, Luis Ramón Rodríguez, at a meeting with agribusiness representatives of large commercial chains and farmers, held at the headquarters of Merca.

The meeting, led by Minister Rodríguez, was also attended by Angel Estevez, administrator of Banco Agrícola, Eusebio Guzman and Arcadio Tavarez, members of the Board of Directors of Mercados Agropecuarios Dominicanos (Mercadom).

Rodriguez reported that of the 278 premises which form MercaDom, 178 are already under contreact, while 72 are still pending and 28 remain available for those interested.

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