Top 10 Songs of 2013 in Dominican Republic

Ask any Dominican for a list of the most important aspects of our culture, and you can be certain that music will show up in the top three of most.

Here's a list which was put together by Listin Diario, of the 10 most played songs of 2013.
  1. ”El Chucuchá” by Grupo Ilegales
  2. “Hoy se va a Beber” by Vakeró
  3. ”Amor por Accidente” by Lápiz Consciente
  4. ”Esta Noche” by Raulín Rodriguez
  5. ”El Cuchicheo” by Joe Veras
  6. ”Propuesta Indecente” Romeo Santos
  7. ”La Receta” by Wason Brazoban
  8. ”Amor a Distancia” by Frank Reyes
  9. ”Darte un beso” by Prince Royce
  10. ”Me siento bien” by Eddy Herrera

According to Listin Diario:
This year was one of the slowest in terms of music releases and later musical hits. From what little is positioned bachata and urban music prevails.
Read their full report in Spanish.

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