A Sculpture in Tribute to Northwest Cultural

Sabaneta, Santiago Rodríguez  -- Since 2004 the city of Sabaneta has a sculpture carved into a stunning piece of un-dried mahogany tree, in which are represented in a masterly way the most important elements of local culture and identity, that from of its execution had become an emblematic element to the town, a tourist reference that fills visitors with wonder and a source of pride for Sabaneteros.

Throughout the sturdy trunk and branches of "The Tree of the Northwest," as it is now popularly known, sculptor, woodcarver and Professor of the School of Fine Arts in Santiago, Dionisio Peralta, has managed to capture a variety of representations, which express a range of items covering aspects of folklore, historical nature, religious, folkloric and ecological, which constitute the common individual idiosyncrasy and make up the cultural heritage of the Northwest as a whole.

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