Celeste Woss y Gil — Dominican Artist

Celeste Woss y Gil was born May 5, 1891 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, and died in 1985. She was an artist, social activist and educator who was part of the women's suffrage movement that won the right to vote for women in the Trujillo era. She is considered the first woman of Dominican heritage to dedicated herself as a professional artist.

Celeste Woss y Gil - Leer Vivir

She was the daughter of President Alejandro Woss y Gil (in office from May 16, 1885 – January 6, 1887, and April 23, 1903 – November 24, 1903) and Maria Pérez Ricart.

Celeste began studing art under Abelardo Rodríguez Urdaneta, and then at the Academy of Fine Arts in Santiago de Cuba under the direction of José Joaquín Tejeda. After traveling through Europe, she finished his art studies at "The Arts Students League" in New York.

Early in her career, Celeste exhibited in Santiago de Cuba in 1911 and 1912, and the United States in 1923 and 1939. Her first solo exhibition was in Santo Domingo in 1924.

Works by Celeste Woss y Gil

(1)Self Portrait, (2)Portrait of President Alejandro Woss y Gil, (3)Desnudo de mujer

Celeste, who founded a small art school, which operated between 1933 and 1942, was also part of the founding of the National School of Fine Arts in 1942.

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