Constanza: The Next Great Tourism Destination

Constanza, Dominican Republic

When we think tourism in the Dominican Republic, most of the talk is usually about Punta Cana, Altos de Chavón, Samana, La Romana and the Colonial Zone in Santo Domingo.

Rarely do we hear about Constanza -- which has always attracted a good number of tourist, but has never really been mentioned alongside or as a challenge to the top spots.

But that may change soon, now that Constanza will be pushing itself as an "Ecotourism Destination."
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Their mission, to convert Constanza into the best place for ecological, cultural and adventure tourism in the Dominican Republic.

The campaign includes a recently launched website,, a Facebook page, Twitter and YouTube channel.

Anyone interested will find a trove of information about the destination, offers, activities and helpful publications. You can also get to know a little more about Constanza and its very rich history.

A big change from the usual beach-front resort many seek (Constanza is right in the middle of the country), but those breathtaking scenes look like they can offer an experience that non can ever forget.

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