Elsa Núñez: Abstract and Figurative Artist from the Dominican Republic

Elsa Núñez (born 1943) is a Dominican abstract and figurative artist born in the city of Santo Domingo. She studied at the Colegio María Auxiliadora and the Instituto de señoritas Salomé Ureña, and the Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo, where he graduated with a degree in Philosophy. She studied art at the National School of Fine Arts , graduating in 1962. In 1970, she moved overseas to Madrid, Spain, where she completed a post-graduate at the Royal Academy of San Fernando in Madrid.

Núñez taught painting and drawing at the National School of Fine Arts, Colegio Dominicano de la Salle, la Universidad APEC. Along with her husband, actor and painter, Angel Haché, she directed the Children's Creativity Workshops at the Casa de Teatro, Museo de Arte Moderno y Museo de las Casas Reales. In 1979 he was awarded a scholarship with her husband by UNESCO to visit Children's Creativity Workshops throughout Spain and France, to study the methods of cultural activities that apply in those countries.

Tribute to the Mirabal Sisters, Mural 2008

Her work has been described as "committed beyond the reflection on the “fragility” of the human condition as well as the spiritual, political, ideological and cultural issues that have touched the Dominican society in the last five decades."

In 2012, The Ministry of Culture and the Museum of Modern Art in Santo Domingo, honored Elsa Núñez with the painting exhibition titled “Elsa Nuñez 1962 Retrospective 2012”, which was formed by 130 paintings spanning the her great career and contribution to the world of art.

María Elena Ditrén, Director Museum of Modern Art, described Elsa Nuñez's work as a reflection of the turbulent '60s, which were characterized by fear, anxiety and terror of the Trujillo dictatorship and the Revolution of April 1965, which marked and influenced many artists of the generation.

Elsa Núñez's work has been exhibited around the world. Including France, Italy, Britain, the United States and Cuba, among others. She has won multiple awards and accolades for her contributions to the national arts, including the Professional Excellence Award by President Leonel Fernandez.