Raúl Morilla, La Vega (1972)

Raul Morilla was born in 1972, in La Vega, Dominican Republic. At the age of eleven, he enrolled at the Escuela de Bellas Artes Francisco Soñé, in La Vega.

While at the School of Fine Arts, he is awarded several student awards, and receives his Professor of Drawing certification in 1988. That same year he joined the Faculty of Architecture of the Technical University of Santiago, and in 1993 receives the title of Architect. In 1996, Morilla obtained the prize for sculpture Prats-Ventos, the cultural center of Spain.

Under the guidance of the architect Virgilio Veras, Morilla participates joins workshops in which he draws on the principles of composition and artistic conceptualization. He broadens his training through courses and workshops of anatomical drawing of the human body at the Altos de Chavon School of Design and the Terracotta workshop in Santiago de Cuba.

Learn more about Raúl Morilla, and see some of his work at his website www.raulmorilla.com.

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