Aquiles Azar García - Dominican Artist, Ceramist, Painter, Writer

Aquiles Azar García was born on August 26, 1932 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. He studied painting at the Academy of George Hausdorf, and graduated from the National School of Fine Arts in 1950.

He's an odontologist, lawyer and doctor of philosophy. A prolific artist with more than 80 solo exhibitions at home and abroad: USA, England, France, Spain, Cuba, Haiti, Japan, Brussels, Puerto Rico, several countries in South America and among others. He has ventured into ceramics and drawings on numerous materials. As a writer he has published short stories and poetry.

A member of the same generation as Candido Bido, Elsa Nuñez, José Ramón Rotellini, Guillo Perez, Clara Ledesma and Domingo Liz. He studied with some best teachers of the day: Manolo Pascual, George Hausdorf, Prats Ventos, Jaime Colson and Paul Giudicelli.

In 2008, The Foundation Igneri-Arte/Arqueología distinguished Aquiles Azar García as an Honorary Member.

In 2014, the V World Ceramic Tile Triennial was dedicated to Azar Garcia at the Punta Cana Art Galery. The event was organized by artist Thimo Pimentel, president of the Foundation Igneri-Arte/Arqueología.

Other Awards
- 1963 - Alianza Francesa - Santo Domingo
- 1968, 1969 y 1971 - Concurso E. León Jimenes (Santiago, R.D.)
- Instituto del Grabado Latinoamericano - Puerto Rico
- 1990 Arte Sacro
- 1992 Instituto Duartiano - Cabeza de Duarte - Santo Domingo