Dominicans Consuming Less "Habichuelas"

Habichuelas Dominicanas

The cost and lack of time, lead to lower consumption of beans

Statistics from the Ministry of Agriculture show that the estimated at home consumption of red beans fell to 2,000 tons over ten years.

From an estimated 1,012,618 quintals (approx. 50,000 tons) consumed in 2002, down to 602,279 quintals in 2012 (approx. 30,000 tons).

Sociologists have pointed to several reasons, for the decline in the consumption of a product which is considered a badge of Dominican nutrition -- and together with rice and meat, make up what is popularly known as the Dominican Food Flag.

Juan Miguel Pérez, a specialist in sociology of culture and education, understands that economic and social factors may be responsible for this change in behavior, but will not confirm such a change without first conducting a study in this regard.

Pérez says, that the cost of living has led many families to have to decide between "wetting" the rice with meat sauce or beans, because their economic resources do not suffice for both.

This loss of purchasing power may be leading people to substitute beans with more affordable products...

Another factor which Pérez highlights is the new life style of the people, which requires them to seek a quick meal solution.

Beans require a long cooking time, and that makes people not prepare as regularly...

However, Pérez does not believe that eating less beans involves a loss of identity for Dominicans, because for Dominicans, the culture is changing, and is being created according to the customs, old and current, of the people.

Source: Diario Libre

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