Félix Germán, New Director of Fine Arts - Dominican Republic

President Danilo Medina sworn in this morning the actor and filmmaker Félix Germán as the new Director of Fine Arts.

After taking oath in a brief ceremony at the Presidential Office, Germán stated that he will focus on reviving and strengthening the development of the arts and achieving the objectives set out in the government's plan.

Germán replaces Franklyn Dominguez, who was pensioned by the state.

The appointment of the new Director of Fine Arts was given by Decree 109-14, on 23 March of this year.

Félix Germán is a graduate of civil engineering from the Universidad Central del Este (UCE) and dabbled in acting and directing froma young age. He studied theater at theHB Studios academy in New York.

He has produced over 50 plays and his career took off when he ventured into several films such as Un Pasaje de Ida, Havana, Jugada Final, Azúcar Amarga and as director ofthe feature film, La Maldición del Padre Cardona.

Source & Photo - dicom.gob.do

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