Dominican Artist Jorge Pineda Exhibits 'Mambrú' in France

Mambrú, Jorge Pineda - 2006
Jorge Pineda, the visual artist born in Barahona, will exhibit his installation 'Mambrú' at the 2014 European Night of Museums at UNESCO, in Paris, France.

Mambrú, which will be on display on Saturday, May 17, 2014, consists of nine sculptures of children, life-size, carved in wood and lined metal pieces.

Pineda exhibited Mambrú at the Brooklyn Museum in 2006, and provided this statement.

Childhood is the time when we start to build up our personality, and it is supposed to be the happiest time of our lives, but social violence makes it difficult to adjust. In order to be strong, children make masks where they can hide fear, so they can play with the negative idea they have of themselves. These masks shield the feelings reflected in society as I show in Mambrú, with its child soldiers who have been taken away and used as instruments of destruction.

Alongside Pineda, will be another contemporary artist from Barahona, Polibio Díaz.

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