Bani, Mango Capital of the Dominican Republic

In 2013, the Dominican Republic exported and estimated 10 million kilos of mangoes to countries around the world, generating more than $11.5 million in revenue for the industry. And since the first ExpoMango in 2005, the city of Bani in the Peravia province, has played a pivotal role in the commercial rise of this wonderful fruit, earning the city the nickname "Capital del Mango" (The Mango Capital).

ExpoMango is an annual fair, held not only to celebrate the harvest of the Dominican mango, but to also promote the production of the fruit, while emphasizing its social, economic and cultural value to the country. Since its start, the fair has brought together growers and exporters from around the country and the world, to encourage global consumption of the Dominican mango.

The mango, is a very common fruit throughout the island, but most of the commercial production is found in the southern region of the country, in the provinces of Azua, Bahoruco, Barahona, Peravia, San Cristobal and San Juan.

Global destinations for the Dominican mango exports include the UK, Netherlands, USA, Germany, Canada, Spain, Netherlands Antilles, Belgium, France, Japan, Italy, Ukraine, Poland and Switzerland.