Fernando Tamburini

Fernando Tamburini, born 1961 in Barahona, Dominican Republic, known for his colorful abstract work in which he captures the great culture of the Dominican people.

Tamburini is a graduate of the Altos de Chavón School of Design. In 1987 and travelled to New York City where he worked as a fashion and textile designer.

Between 1990-1994 he exhibited collectively in major galleries and museums of the United States, such as the Jadite Gallery in Hell's Kitchen, the Paterson Museum in New Jersey and the Cork Gallery At Lincoln Center.

Tamburini would eventually return to Altos de Chavon, to work as an art teacher and later as the Director of the Altos de Chavón Art Gallery.

In December 2013, he opened the Arte Tamburini art gallery in La Romana, Dominican Republic, where he now offers painting and drawing classes for children nine years and over.

Fernando Tamburini

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