First Cultural Center of the Dominican Republic will open in La Romana

On Wednesday, July 30, 2014, The Ministry of Culture will officially inuagurate the first cultural center of the Dominican Republic, which will be located in the former prison, Santa Rosa de Lima, in La Romana.

It is the first cultural center of its kind, and a part of the Medina administration's economy boosting plans which are being executed in cities of close proximity to tourist destinations.

The old building was built the early 20th century, and housed the Santa Rosa de Lima prison, which was shuttered in January 2013. Before closing, the prison was known for its riots and inhuman treatment and housing of prisoners.

Maria Luisa Ortiz, Provincial Director of Culture of La Romana, said that the establishment of this center will benefit the residents of the town and the region in different aspects, such as the promotion of provincial and regional artistic values​​, increased formation and education of cultural assets; the development of creative enterprises; increasing community participation in tourism and the sale of local arts and crafts.

She added that, in addition to this, artists and promoters will have the opportunity to show their talent and skills through their involvement in various fields such as theater, music, dance, crafts and singing.

Photo of Santa Rosa de Lima:

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