Arlette Cepeda, Visual Artist, Photographer

Arlette Cepeda

Arlette Cepeda was born in New York City and raised in Santiago, Dominican Republic. The only child of a single mother, she grew up believing to be special, unique, different, and with a great need to express her feelings.

She studied music and visual arts for most of her childhood. In 1994 she moved back to New York City after finishing high school to pursue a career in the visual arts. Cepeda received a B.A. in Studio Art from Hunter College in 2004. She has been a teaching artist with the Brooklyn Arts Council and the city Department of Education.

Arlette Cepeda has participated in various collective exhibits and won an honorable mention in the XXIII Visual Arts Biennial of the Museum of Modern Art in Santo Domingo, where she has had her work exhibited.

She currently lives and works in Staten Island, New York City.

You can follow Arlette Cepeda and view some of her work at her website:

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