The Spirit of St. Louis in Santo Domingo, in 1928

The Spirit of St. Louis is one of the most famous aircrafts in aviation history. And on February 4, 1928, it made its only stop in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, in a flight from San Juan, Puerto Rico, that lasted 3 hrs. 30 min, the same amount of time it now takes Jetblue to fly from New York City to Santiago.

But those three and a half hours are nothing compared to the 33 hrs. 30min non-stop flight from from Roosevelt Airfield in New York to Paris Le Bourget, on May 20, 1927. The first plane to accomplish this flight, and which added the Spirit of St. Louis and her pilot Charles Lindbergh to the record books.

The Spirit is now on display at the National Air and Space museum (Smithsonian Institution), in Washington DC, USA.

Image source: National Archives of the Dominican Republic

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