Enrique García-Godoy (1886-1947)

Title:Autorretrato / Self-portrait
Author:Enrique García-Godoy
MediumOil / Board
Size:26 x 21 cms.
Collection:Raquel García-Godoy de Priego

Enrique García-Godoy - Biography

Enrique García-Godoy, was born in La Vega, in 1886, and dies in La Vega on November 13, 1947.

He is considered one of the forerunners of the current Dominican art, specializing in the use of oil and pastel. From an early age, Garcia Godoy developed a strong vocation for line drawing, which would later move him towards the use of colors and shapes.

Don Enrique, as he was respectfully known, was also a journalist, providing analysis of international politics for Listin Diario.

In 1925 he was appointed Consul General in Caracas, Venezuela, and three years later was transferred to Genoa, Italy.

García Godoy was greatly influenced by the current trends in the Euro art scene, especially in the use of subtle tones and light handling.

Upon his return to the Dominican Republic in the early 1930s, Garcia Godoy founded a school for drawing and painting in La Vega, and collaborated with various local and national newspapers.

Maria Lora Dalmasi, Bolivar Berrido and Dario Suro, among others, attended Garcia Godoy's art school.

Garcia Godoy, also held the position of City Treasurer of La Vega, President of the City Council and Chairman of the Committee of Public Entertainment.

Aside from painting and journalism, Garcia Godoy also created many sculptures, including one dedicated to his father, Federico Garcia Godoy Copley, located in the Central Park of La Vega.