Moses Ros-Suárez: El Reggaeton del Bachatero

Title:Moses Ros-Suárez
Author:El Reggaeton del Bachatero
MediumEtching Aquatint / Chine Collé
Description:"'Ambivalence,' says Moses Ros-Suárez, 'is the underlying sentiment that characterizes the Dominican experience of migration to the U.S.' Aquí y allá. Here and there, depicted in his triptych by the beehive and the island paradise, and the psychological split of a figure with two heads at the center of it all. But the piece also suggests that the bridge may be more than a metaphor, and the distance not that great, for the panels are united by the absence of the striking difference in color we might expect, even as Dominicans struggle with the decision about where to firmly plant their roots."

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