Dominican York Proyecto GRAFICA

Dominican York Proyecto GRAFICA

Dominican York Proyecto GRAFICA is a printmaking collective of 12 artists of Dominican descent who live and work in and around New York City.

The artists of the collective are: Carlos Almonte, Pepe Coronado, René de los Santos, iliana emilia garcía, Reynaldo García Pantaleón, Scherezade García, Alex Guerrero, Luanda Lozano, Miguel Luciano, Yunior Chiqui Mendoza, Moses Ros-Suárez, and Rider Ureña.

DYPG's first project, Manifestaciones, is a portfolio of 12 prints, one each by the Dominican York Proyecto GRAFICA member artists.

The works, which explore the individual artist’s perspective on the theme of Dominicanidad (Dominican identity, were created using a variety of printmaking techniques.

Iconic Dominican symbols such as the bohio, the plátano, and the palm tree; mythic figures and personages of mythic grandeur; flora and fauna; reveal the continuing influence of the culture of their country of birth or ancestry.

For more information, visit Dominican York Proyecto GRAFICA's website.