María Lora de Dalmasí (1900-1973)

Maria Lora de Dalmasi (1900-1973), born in the city of La Vega. She was an artist, teacher and social activist. In her later years Maria Lora was very involved with education and the promotion of the arts throughout her hometown of La Vega and the neighboring city of Cotuí. Two of the oldest colonial cities of the western hemisphere.

María Lora started studying music and painting at the age of 14 under a professor named Manuel A. Pueyo, musician and artist that immigrated from Spain. She also studies art under another great artist from La Vega, Enrique García Godoy.

In 1924, she marries José Dalmasí, and they go on to have five children. But the roles of motherhood and wife did not prevent her from continuing her educational activism as she assumes teaching roles and the restoration of religious images of churches in her hometown.

Motherhood (1920), a painting by María Lora de Dalmasí
Oil on canvas, completed in 1920
The Kiss, a painting by Maria Lora de Dalmasi
"The Kiss"
Oil on canvas, completed in 1920