Adela Dore - Nanichi 1 and 2

Here are two pieces by Adela Dore, Nanichi 1 and 2, part of a 2010 art project Naniki, a group exhibit presented along with the artists Joery Santos Gomez, Tomas Pichardo and Tomya Mateo at the galleries Palermo H and Los Cuatro Gatos in late 2010 in Buenos Aires, AR.

Naniki, is a taino word meaning "spirit or active being."

Adela Dore - Nanichi 1 Title: Nanichi 1

Adela Dore - Nanichi 2 Title: Nanichi 2

Author: Adela Dore - Santo Domingo
Medium: Ink on Paper
Dimensions: 13" × 10"

About the Author
Adela Dore was born in Santo Domingo. She earned a AAS in Fine Arts and Illustration, and a AAS in Fashion Design from the Altos de Chavon School of Design.