Evoca1 - Running with Wolves

Evoca1. Runninge with Wolves. 2012
Title: Running with Wolves
Author: Elio Mercado (Evoca1) - Dominican Republic, 1984.
Completed: 2012
Medium: Acrylic on Wall
Dimensions: N/A
Location: Wynwood Art District Miami, Florida

Elio Mercado (Evoca1), is a Dominican born figurative painter, muralist and designer based out of Miami, Florida. Born in the Dominican Republic in 1984, where he spent most of his childhood drawing on walls and playing baseball, until eventually moving to Hollywood, Florida at age 11. He has been making art his whole life without any formal art school training, teaching himself how to paint with oil, acrylic, latex and spray paint. He is currently living and working out of Miami, Florida, where he continues to develop his craft.