Yoel Bordas - Blueheart

Yoel Bordas. Blueheart.
Title: Blueheart
Author: Yoel Bordas - Texas, 1980
Completed: N/A
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Dimensions: N/A

Yoel Bordas was born in Dallas, Texas, USA in 1980. Since 1983, he has lived in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. He is the winner of the Price Colección Patricia Phelps Cisneros at the 24th edition of the Centro Leon's Biennale in 2012, with his paintings "Retirement Plan". Selected afterwards for the 27th Biennale of the Museum Of Modern Art MAM in Santo Domingo in 2013 with his instalation "No Bulto" (Dominican slang for No Posers/Fakers).