Rafael Perez Concepcion - Historical Events

History, especially events of the Trujillo dictatorship, are a very important and common theme in the Dominican art scene, and in the art of Rafael Perez Concepcion.

Here we have three pieces by Concepcion in which he recreates important moments of the Trujillo era.

Title: Manolo Tavàrez Justo en Las Manaclas

The political and revolutionary leader Manolo Tavarez Justo, widower of Minerva Mirabal, was shot by soldiers on 21 December 1963 along with 28 guerrillas in the mountain region of Las Manaclas, San Jose de las Matas, after revolt to demand the return to constitutionality after the coup against President Juan Bosch.

Title: La Muerte del Chivo

"El Chivo" ("the goat"), is one of the many nicknames used to address the dictator, Trujillo. In this piece, Rafael Perez presents a Historical Reenactment of the tyrannicide of 1961, the death of the dictator Rafael Trujillo Molina.

Title: La casa del Cerro

Luxury villa built for Trujillo in his native San Cristobal, in 1949. The tyrant never never used it because he did not like the finished work.

About the Artist:
Rafael Pérez Concepción was born 1975, in Santo Domingo. He is an artist and works for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Dominican Republic, as a counselor at the Dominican Embassy in Germany. Concepcion is a graduate of the Altos de Chavon School of Design.