Vitico Cabrera - Montecristi (series)

Montecristi is one of the 31 provinces of the Dominican Republic, located in the northwestern region of the country.

"El Morro," is one of the main attractions in Montecristi, it has a maximum height of 242 meters (793.9 ft).

Here are 5 pieces by Vitico Cabrera inspired by the Montecristi scenery.

Title: Montecristi y sus Alrededores (Montecristi and its Surroundings)
Author: Vitico Cabrera - Moca
Medium: Ink on Watercolor Paper
Dimensions: N/A × N/A

About the Author
Vitico Cabrera was born in Moca, Dominican Republic, in 1956. From a young age he showed interest in visual arts.

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