Verde, que te quiero fría - exhibition at Centro Leon

To celebrate 80 years of Cerveza Presidente, the Centro Leon cultural center in Santiago, is hosting the "Verde, que te quiero fría" (Green, I want you cold) exhibition, from October 2, 2015 to January 3, 2016.

The exhibition will showcase many works by artists, and a look at the various changes; ranging from packaging, bottles, labels, logos and other significant innovations by the company, since its founding in 1935.

Bottle Spiral
Title: Fábrica sonora
by Alexis Valerio (Santiago)

Title: N/A
by N/A

Title: Hábitat
by Ernesto Rodríguez

Wali Vidal - Homenaje al Liquido
Title: Homenaje al líquido (Tribute to the Liquid)
by Wali Vidal (Santiago)