Eladio Fernandez - Life in 'el campo'

Eladio Fernandez. Life in 'el campo'. 2015
"Automatic pilot. The mule knows her way home."

"Running water from faucets is a luxury a lot of people don't have. For many in the Dominican Republic today, having water in their homes still requires getting it from rivers or springs. Men, women, kids… all participate in the daily ritual of hauling water significant distances back to their homes. Some use mules and horses, while others (who are not so fortunate) have to haul it themselves. Life in 'el campo'."

"El Congo spring in Los Limones, Los Haitises."

"Hauling water using mules."

"Getting water is a responsibility delegated to the young of the household."

About the Artist
Eladio Fernandez is photographer and author from Santo Domingo. His work has appeared on many publications, such as National Geographic.

Artist Links: http://eladiofernandez.com

More Artists: http://goo.gl/bAqfkO

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