Fernando Peña Defilló (1926 - 2016)

Fotografia de Fernando Peña Defilló

Fernando Peña Defilló was born in Santo Domingo in 1926. Son of a lawyer, historian and diplomat Manuel Arturo Peña Batlle and Carmelita Defilló Sanz.

He studied at the National School of Fine Arts (1949-1951), where he received guidance from teacher Joseph Gausachs. In 1951, he moved to Madrid, Spain, where he continued his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando and in the workshop of Daniel Vasquez Diaz.

Between 1957-1963, he traveled to North Africa, Italy, Greece, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. For 1959-61 set in London, where he met Francis Bacon. Later he stays in Paris, where he lived until his return to Santo Domingo in 1963.

In 2015, the Fernando Peña Defilló Museum opened it's doors in the Colonial City of Santo Domingo. The museum was a joint initiative between the artist and his family, created from the Fernando Peña Defilló Foundation with the main objective to make his works and legacy better known in the art world.

The master of the Dominican painting, Fernando Peña Defilló, passed away on May 18, 2016, in Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic.