Rosa Idalia Garcia, artist from Santiago de los Caballeros

Abstract artist, Rosa Idalia García was born 1944, in the city of Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic. A student of the School of Fine Arts in her hometown, Garcia also received art lessons from Yoryi Morel (Santiago, 1906-1976) and Federico Izquierdo (Moncion, 1904-2004).

Ojo de buey
"Ojo de buey" completed in 1968

"Helecho" completed in 1969

Throughout her career, now spanning five decades, this artist has enjoyed the admiration of art lovers and critics; She was awarded in the IV and V Eduardo Leon Jimenes Art Contest in the Painting category with the works Ojo de Buey and Helecho, respectively. Her works are part of the collections of the Museum of Modern Art of Santo Domingo, the Chamber of Deputies of the Dominican Republic and the Centro Cultural Eduardo León Jimenes in Santiago.

Garcia is also recognized for her role in advancing the arts in the Dominican Republic; she's held leadership roles at various cultural institutions, such as the Center of Culture of Santiago, the library and art gallery Yoryi Morel, the Department of Fine Arts of the Institute of Culture and Art of Santiago (ICA), the Historical Museum of Santiago and the Casa de Arte Cultural center in Santiago.

Margarita antes de Soto, completed in 1975
"Margarita antes de Soto" completed in 1975

"Decompocision Vegetal" completed in 1990

"Nacio varon" completed in 2008

"Contendientes" completed in 2012

"Encuentro" completed in 2014

"Pensativa" completed in 2014

"Ozama" completed in 2015

"Encuentro" completed in 2017