Danilo de los Santos (Puerto Plata, b. 1943-2018)

Danilo de Los Santos (1943-2018), artistically known as Dánicel, was born in the city of Puerto Plata. An artist, art critic and art historian, his contributions to the world of art in the Dominican Republic can never be expressed in words.

De los Santos' early artistic memories are the cardboard dolls that he created for his sister—copied from fashion magazines. His skill with the human form came to the attention of artist Mario Grullon (Santiago, 1918-1994), who encouraged the young De los Santos to pursue his artistic talent, gifting him his first sketch book.
Grullón suggested to my mother that I join the Yoryi Morel academy. There I learned how to handle gouache, crayon and pastels and interacted with students of different ages.

His talent with the brush and other mediums have captured the attention of art critics and enthusiast in country, with various award winning works, such as his 'Marola' series, which dates back to the early stages of his career.

Danilo de Los Santos' greatest contribution to the art world are his surveys of the history of art from the Dominican Republic. A story which he has helped to shape with several publications, including; 'Painting in Dominican society,' 'The blue paradise of Cándido Bidó,' and the eight volume opus 'Memory of Dominican Painting'

Women with baskets, 1969, painting by Danicel
Women with baskets, completed in 1969

Women at work, 1970, painting by Danicel
Women at work, completed in 1970. This painting represents the beginning of the "Marolas" series.

Women in mourning, 1970, painting by Danicel
Women in mourning, completed in 1970

Marola blooming, 1972, painting by Danicel
Marola blooming, completed in 1972

Marola in rags, 1972, painting by Danicel
Marola in rags, completed in 1972

Marola, 1976, painting by Danicel
Marola, completed in 1976

Marola in national colors, 1978, painting by Danicel
Marola in national colors, completed in 1978

Marola with umbrella, 1987, painting by Danicel
Marolas with umbrella, completed in 1987

Carnival, 1990, painting by Danicel
Carnival, completed in 1990

Marola, 1992, painting by Danicel
Marola, completed in 1992