Jerson Jiménez - Artist from Santiago, Dominican Republic

Jerson Jiménez, was born in Santiago, Dominican Republic, in 1970. His first exhibition was in 1987 in the Dominican Republic. In 1991, he travels to Europe, and settles in Vienna, capital of Austria.

Throughout his career, he has also exhibited in Dubai, New York, Miami, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, and Slovakia.

His works are often bathed in psychedelic colors, a style which he claims, transmits to the viewer a positive feeling, an intense color and a feeling that can not be expressed with words.
What people see in my work right now, and that many define as my style, is a very personal style that has grown over the years. When I work on my art, I do it with great enthusiasm, because I am looking for a result, that above all, surprises me. -- Jerson Jimenez, 2018