Jorge Severino, artist from Puerto Plata

Jorge Severino Contreras, born 1935, in Puerto Plata, a northern province of the Dominican Republic. A self-taught artist, his first drawing instructions were received at the workshop of a fellow Puertoplateño Rafael Arzeno Tavares (1914-1972). After which, Severino continuied on his own pictorial discovery.

He held his first solo exhibition in 1967. And in 1968, he gets the 2nd place painting prize at the IV León Jimenes Art Contest with his watercolor on paper titled "La oración" (The prayer).

"The first individual "exhibition" by Jorge Severino (late 1967) was practically a collective. He refers to this moment with humor because at the time, far from having found his own voice, his own style, the ten pieces gathered had different styles, according to the critic Contín Aybar, and could belong to at least six different schools. Although Severino remembers himself as a child drawing, being a painter was not really in his plans. Life or necessity, which are the same thing normally, had taken him in other directions."
-- Fernando Casanova, art critic

The rising sun, painting by Jorge Severino
Camila, painting by Jorge Severino
Years of Solitude, a painting by Jorge Severino
Teresa, a painting by Jorge Severino
The Lady, a painting by Jorge Severino
Here I am, a painting by Jorge Severino
The virgin waiting, a painting by Jorge Severino
Prisoners of Love, a painting by Jorge Severino