Dionisio Blanco (San Cristóbal b. 1953)

Dionisio Blanco, born 1953, is an artist from the San Cristóbal province, located in the southern region of the Dominican Republic.

A graduate of the National School of Fine Arts in Santo Domingo, Dionisio Blanco, has held several positions in distinguished artistic establishments such as the Cándido Bidó art center, and the Architectural Department of the Universidad Autónoma of Santo Domingo.

He presented his first solo exhibition in 1978, same year in which he won first prize in drawing at the XVI National Biennial. Since then, his career has seen international exhibitions in the United States, Venezuela, Germany, France, Mexico, Brazil, and many other countries.

Dionisio Blanco
Dionisio Blanco, artist from San Cristóbal

Sembradores en el tropico, by Dionisio Blanco
Dionisio Blanco, Sembradores series
Dionisio Blanco, Sembradores Frente Al Falso Espejo
Sembradores en paisaje no contaminado
Couple sculpture by Dionisio Blanco
Sculpture by Dionisio Blanco
Dionisio Blanco Self-Portrait

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