Eligio Pichardo (1929-1984)

Eligio Pichardo (1929–1984) was born in Salcedo, the capital city of the Hermanas Mirabal Province in the Dominican Republic.

He studied at the National School of Fine Arts, under the founding professors; Pascual, Lothar, Gausachs, Hausdorf, Woss and Gil and Vela Zanetti, graduating in 1948. In 1951 he becomes a professor of drawing at ENBA, and is also contracted by the Dominican government to paint murals with scenes of national history and the adventures of Don Quixote.

He received a scholarship in 1954 from the 'Instituto de Cultura Hispánica' in Spain, where he lived for a few years and was influenced by the works of Pablo Picasso and Jean Dubuffet. Upon his return to his native country, he resumes teaching at the National School of Fine Arts. Pichardo celebrates solo exhibitions and participates in several editions of the national biennial, receiving awards in 1958 and 1960.

Starting in 1961, Eligio Pichardo moved to New York City, where he had his first solo exhibition in 1962. The artist continued to live and work in New York City until 1978, when he returned to Santo Domingo.

Eligio Pichardo (1929-1984)
Photo by Martín López

Eligio Pichardo, La sed de la vaca, 1957
Eligio Pichardo, El Sacrificio del Chivo, 1958
Eligio Pichardo, Gato en bicicleta, 1959
Eligio Pichardo, Niña con un arma extraña, 1959
Eligio Pichardo, Miseria, 1959
Eligio Pichardo, Mujeres en el baño, 1950