Wilson Abreu (Constanza, La Vega, b. 1972)

Wilson Abreu was born 1972, in the city of Constanza, La Vega, in the Central Mountain Range of the Dominican Republic.

A self-taught artist, Abreu received his first artistic inspirations from his mother, Maria Antigua Rodríguez. Cinema, and the religious lithographs which Wilson experienced in his hometown, also played a role in his artistic formation. "Reinforcing that passion, at the age of 14 he worked as an operator of projection cameras in the then Cinema Inés de Constanza."

Driven by the discovery of art, "he devoted himself to reading books of literature and art. Strengthening his interest in literature in gatherings with the now renowned Dominican writers Pedro Antonio Valdez, Julio Andrés Adames and Pedro José Gris." As a mentor, Wilson found direction under the prominent intellectual and writer Bruno Rosario Candelier.

In 1996, Abreu decides to expand his artistic training, and enrolls at the Academy of the renown Dominican artist, Guillo Pérez.

Since 2001, Wilson Abreu has participated in many collective exhibitions, leading to his first solo exhibition in 2005.

Wilson Abreu (Constanza, La Vega, b. 1972)
Wilson Abreu (Constanza, La Vega, b. 1972)

While it rains, 2012
Personajes, dulces-amargos, 2007
Personajes serie, dulces-amargos, 2007
Self Portrait, 2014
El hombre tinta, 2018
Limbo, Gravitation series, 2018
Subsistencia irónica, 2018