Wilson Abreu, Gravitaciones, 2018

"Gravitaciones" is a collection of works on paper, completed in 2018, by Wilson Abreu (Constanza, b. 1972).

Perverse Conversation
"Perverse Conversation"

Someone is watching us
"Someone is watching us"
Ascencion and disconnection
"Ascencion and disconnection"
Under this blue sky
"Under this blue sky"
What is the use of being an artist?
"What is the use of being an artist?"
The jump
"The jump"
In search of a new formula, to live a hundred years
"In search of a new formula, to live a hundred years"
Begetting beasts in Eden
"Begetting beasts in Eden"
Flower of the sun
"Flower of the sun"
Hidden forces
"Hidden forces"
The man on fire
"The man on fire"
Ink man
"Ink man"
Bones for a dog
"Bones for a dog"
Levitating in agony
"Levitating in agony"
The functionaries
"The functionaries"
Ortilio, the stellar musician
"Ortilio, the stellar musician"
Southern character
"Southern character"
Battles between rats and ravens
"Battles between rats and ravens"
In the beginning in Eden
"In the beginning in Eden"
San Pueblo defeats the corrupt
"San Pueblo defeats the corrupt"
Sequences of the same dream
"Sequences of the same dream"
Self portrait
Self portrait
Ironic Subsistence
"Ironic Subsistence"
Laying to the air
"Laying to the air"