Radhamés Mejía (Santiago, 1925-1977)

Radhamés Mejía Estevez (1925-1977), was born in Santiago de los Caballeros, second-largest city in the Dominican Republic.

His first instructions in art were from the great Yoryi Morel (Santiago, 1906-1979). His education continues at the National School of Fine Arts in Santo Domingo, where he receives instructions from Manolo Pascual, and from which he graduates in 1948.

"A silent artist, regularly submerged in the alcoholic escape, assumes a transformation in pictorial language when abstraction and colonial cubism enter as twists in the national arts..." - Danilo de los Santos (Memoria vol 3).

Familia desamparada. Mix media on canvas. 74 x 56 cms. Completed in 1960.
Desnudo, 1950
Desnudo. Watercolor on paper. 61 x 38 cms. Completed in 1950
Barquero. Oil on canvas. 59 x 41 cms. Year unknown
Presidiario de Indoamerica
Presidiario de Indoamerica. Oil on canvas. 69 x 68 cms. Year unknown.
atanza de los haitianos
Matanza de los haitianos. Oil on canvas. 89 x 112 cms. Year unknown.
Desnudo, Charcoal
Desnudo. Charcoal on paper. 48 x 44 cms. Year unknown
Nacencia, 1960
Nacencia. Oil on paper. 60 x 45 cms. Completed in 1960.
Baile, 1960
Baile. Mixed media on cardboard. 63 x 47 cm. Completed in 1960.