"Broken Free Project" by Photographer Paola Katherine

Launched in 2013, Broken Free "is a photo-based project that raises awareness of victimization while empowering survivors to break the silence."

"As a survivor of abuse, Paola realized that one important thing that was taken away from her during the time was her voice. In the series, she engages with fellow survivors and they share their personal experiences with victimization as she photographs them, their intimate space..."

Vanessa, 2015

"Vanessa" 2015

"I cheated death

... I forgave the guy"

Adria - Jane Doe 2013

"Adria / Jane Doe" 2013

Adria: "This half of me is:
- Joy
- The future
- Positive
- Moves on...
Moving on from hurt. Gone, gone, gone."

"This half of me seeks revenge. This part is:
- The pain
- The past
- The hurt
- The wolf girl."
"What about the present? Is it now, or is it then?"

Nava Kama, 2016

"Nava Kama" (2016)

"The past is not just a story...
The story was my reality..."

Vanessa, 2015

"Vanessa" 2015

"Whenever I hear bitches talk about how they been 'backstabbed'

Look at me. Bitch, I'VE BEEN BACKSTABBED."

The Victor, 2014

"The Victor" (2014)

"'Things' happened in my life when I was 9-13 years old... My innocence was taken away."

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