A tribute to Cándido Bidó by Argelia Batista

Designed by Argelia Batista, the "Kiki Doll" is a handmade felt doll reminiscent of the pre-1970s vintage Raggedy Ann dolls. Every Kiki doll is custom-made, with hair and clothing fashioned with bright primary colors and styled in the 'costumbrismo dominicano.' Thick stitching, on a combination of different skin tones and hair styles of your choosing, make each creation an original work of art.

Tribute Cándido Bidó

With "Tributo al Maestro," Argelia pays homage to the great artist from Bonao, Cándido Bidó (1936-2011). Many of Bido's paintings come to life with each doll, sporting birds and leaves in red, green, blue and yellow, complimented with the thick brush outline famous in Bido's work.

Tribute Cándido Bidó, 2

Tribute Cándido Bidó, 3

Tribute Cándido Bidó, 4

Tribute Cándido Bidó, 5

Tribute Cándido Bidó, 6

Tribute Cándido Bidó, 7

Tribute Cándido Bidó, 8

Argelia Batista was born in la Vega, Dominican Republic. She now lives in Bonao, where she studied art at the Cándido Bidó School of Art, now the Plaza de la Cultura Cándido Bidó.

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