Euridice Canaán (1933-1996)

Euridice Canaán Fernandez (January 8, 1933 - October 14, 1996), was born in San Francisco de Macorís, Dominican Republic, daughter of José Fortunato Canaán y Ana Agustina Fernández. A poet, novelist, painter and sculptor, she studied art at the National Academy of Fine Arts in Santo Domingo and at the San Fernando Academy in Madrid. While in Spain, Euridice also studied psychology with the Spanish Professor Dr. Juan José López Ibor.

Euridice Canaán Fernandez
Euridice Canaán Fernandez (January 8, 1933 - October 14, 1996)

Her extensive catalog of paintings include impressionist landscapes, portraits and scenes. Though primarily recognized for her paintings and writings, Euridice completed many sculptures; most were human figures inspired by family members and historical figures. During her lifetime she participated in very few solo and group exhibitions.

Still life, 1992
Still life, oil on canvas, c. 1992
Untitled, 1976
Untitled abstract, oil on canvas, c. 1976
Cosmic Melody
Cosmic Melody, year unknown
Loneliness, 1960
Loneliness, oil on canvas, c. 1960
The Slave, 1980
The Slave, oil on canvas, c. 1980
E.C.F Torso, 1956-1960
E.C.F Torso, sculpted in plaster, c. 1956-1960

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