So Youn Lee

Ethereal entities merge into a mist of colors, delightful luminosity, and tender edges in the art of So Youn Lee. She layers paint on canvas to guide the interplay of gentle color washes and a myriad of delicate brushstrokes, creating a fantastical realm through a laborious, introspective process. Inspired by human aspirations, Lee's mystic figures embody a spectrum of qualities, from the endearing and angelic to the peculiar and eerie, reflecting her fascination with outsider culture, psychology, and nature. Her aesthetic captures amicable moments where sparkle-eyed figures lean on each other, merging into psychedelic embodiments within dreamlike landscapes that suggest life on an extraterrestrial plane, yet remain abundantly nostalgic. Born in South Korea, So Youn Lee lives and works in Los Angeles. She holds a BFA from Pasadena College of Design (2012) and has exhibited her works in major cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Seoul, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Manila, London, and Paris.